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New-born, children, pregnant women, adult, senior, everyone can rely on osteopathy, at each age and to relief a large kind of disorders. Osteopathy is well known to handle musculoskeletal disorders ( tendinitis, joint pain, muscle injuries.. ) and nervous disorders ( nevralgy, sciatica, insomnia, spasmophilia… ). It shows also benefits against circulatory disorders, and digestives ( hiatus hernia, constipation, irritable colon and other functional colopathies ). It finally can help in non-infectious ENT and respiratory disorders ( sinusitis, tinnitus, asthma, some migraines ) and genitourinary ( genital pain, cystitis, enuresis… ). Osteopathy have some limits, and we must consider that in most of organic pathology, bone-break, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis ( non-exhaustive examples-list ) osteopathy is a complement to traditional medicine, and may help in pain relief and long term monitoring.

When he manipulates, the osteopath apply some forces, he push, pull, stretch to produce a specific mobilisation. This manipulation are non-agressive and respect the pain. As every case is different, Practitioner will aim to choose the most appropriate technic to each patient and each disorder. In this way, he may sometimes propose you some HVBA technics ( short and fast impulse ) that often produce a sound in the joint. Paradoxically, this kind of technic is frequently less disturbing than a stretching or a trigger point, as if it may impress a bit. The sound you hear in this case is not a dislocation or a break, it is due to a small gaz bubble, dissolved in the liquid of the joint ( synovial fluid ). As we may sometimes hear, this kind of manipulation is not only dealing with a « replacement » or a simple positional issue. It implies a complex reactional-chain involving nervous system and chemical reactions. If you feel anxious with any kind of technic, do not hesitate to inform your osteopath. He will do his best to make the experience comfortable for you. It is our duty to explain every technic and it’s aim, we do so systematically.

A Doctor may do a diagnosis and then propose you to come to an osteopath, but you can also come to us directly ( if your disorder is manageable with manual therapy ). An osteopathe D.O is normally able to detect contraindication to osteopathy, and redirect you to your medical doctor. Osteopathic sessions are not covered by the CSS or the securité sociale, ( it can be by private insurances ) you don’t need any prescription. However, if you doctor redirect you to us, we appreciate to have a correspondence from him, to know more about the medical diagnosis. Better is the communication, better and more specifics are the treatments.

Different labels exist, but the most known in our countries is the D.O. It means that your osteopath took recognized full time studies, and received a recognized professional certification.

The mean price is between 50 and 100 €, depending on the place of the practice and the fame of the practitioner. An increasing number of private insurances refund osteopathic cares, request them for informations.

With Beauclair Osteopathie, the price is 75 €.

What is osteopathy and what does it do ?

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Leslie & Charles are glad to provide you with home-based osteopathy everywhere in Luxembourg. They also provide cares in companies, ask for it ! ( New practice location will be soon available in Kirchberg nor Esch-Sur-Alzette. )


    nouvelle adresse à venir
    1855 Lux Kirchberg, Luxembourg
    GSM Charles : +352 691 582 960
    GSM Leslie : +352 691 128 140

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